First, you should know what we believe:
Community organizing + technology can
stop genocide and mass atrocities

We are two long-time Sudan activists. We began this journey in 2004.
Here's a sample of what we've done so far:

We don't own these results. We played a part, but this work has ultimately been the shared responsibility of a grassroots movement. Over the years, we've been incredibly blessed to learn from so many wonderful people who — while not policy wonks or professional lobbyists — have insisted on doing the good work of saving lives and easing suffering.

Our primary goal is to help you speak out for the people of Sudan and South Sudan.

Real-life metrics matter. We are dyed-in-the-wool technologists, but we don't make random social media noise; we don't deal in vanity metrics. While we'd all like the ability to reach and engage, say, millions of online activists, such efforts are inconsequential if they don't lead to on-the-ground change. In the case of Sudan and South Sudan, on-the-ground change means securing a lasting peace despite the memory and consequences of brutal war and government-induced starvation.

This is a fight worth fighting.

We hope you'll get in touch via the contact form below. Whether you need help setting up your community organization, starting your very first Sudan campaign, developing a website, crafting an email marketing strategy, editing a video, designing and engineering a custom Facebook application, etc., you should know that you can add immediate bottom-line value to the Sudan advocacy movement — and we'd like to help you do this.

In case you need more proof from us, here are a few partners and customers that we've helped in our nonprofit and professional lives: Facebook, Kiva, Nissan, Sprint, Puma, and Stanford University. Among other areas of expertise, we love community management and development, project management, product design, product marketing, and in-person new media training.

Also, please know…we are happy to help you for free. We're lucky to have day jobs that allow us to provide our services pro bono.

Let us know how we can help! Thanks for reading this,
- Nikki Serapio & Elissa Test

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